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The Connection Between CSR And Your Employees

While a large number of companies are quick to recognize the benefits of CSR initiatives, many are unable to see the mutual benefit and massive impact it plays on employee and company-wide morale. Experts insist there is a direct correlation between...
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Asking the Right Questions

With recent events and ensuing protests, corporate America has taken the hot seat amid claims the entire system is built to perpetuate social inequality. Responses from corporate leadership have varied, but the vast majority have failed to respond...
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‘I’ Before 'We'

Hold up your right hand and form a question mark with your index finger and thumb. Where are your fingers pointed? Excellent, start the discussion there.
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Your Donation: How to Maximize Impact In Your Local Community Now

In our last post on Benevolence Funds, we talked about how the impact of your collaborations are going to matter a significant amount in the upcoming days and weeks with the Covid-19 pandemic. This week, we wanted to highlight where donations are...
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Benevolence Funds: Meaningful Care Organized

There has never been a more relevant time to discuss how organizations and corporations can sustainably take care of their people. As the news and reality of the global pandemic set in, organizations were suddenly forced to address the idea that...
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