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The nuances of sound in Web Conferencing

With the increased level of web conferencing, having crystal clear sound is more important than ever. No one wants to be on a call and have to keep asking the speaker to repeat themselves. And conversely, no one wants to be the person having to...
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Empowering success in a post COVID economy with Web Conferencing

Recently one of my posts on LinkedIn drew exponentially more views than others. After some reflection, I came to the conclusion that the reason for the interest was that business professionals are looking to improve how they use and improve their...
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Your Donation: How to Maximize Impact In Your Local Community Now

In our last post on Benevolence Funds, we talked about how the impact of your collaborations are going to matter a significant amount in the upcoming days and weeks with the Covid-19 pandemic. This week, we wanted to highlight where donations are...
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Corporations & Covid-19: A Call to Leadership

Amidst the largest public health crisis of our time, corporations have the unique opportunity to thoughtfully engage and lead their people and the communities around them. In the global and domestic market, the last week has been less than ideal. In...
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